The column executive briefing

Issue #1

As we all know — probably from first hand experience, finding and attracting top talent is becoming more and more challenging.

Although lucrative executive and management related opportunities are not as plentiful as in years past; unfortunately there are even fewer highly qualified candidates to fill those positions.

Market conditions do not alter the necessity of having to prepare and present a compelling message in order to attract the top echelon of the talent pool. Executive search consultants and their clients are now spending much more time articulating the opportunity to a prospective “A” player through detailed overviews of the opportunity which include the business, technology, market position, career challenge and future growth possibility.

Whether you’re a hiring executive on the company side or a consultant on the executive search side, it’s essential that you do the best possible job you can in defining the opportunity. One of the first and most important steps in the executive search process is to develop and prepare a detailed position specification. This document, provided to all potential candidates should outline three critical areas:

(1) The overview of your company’s business,
(2) The position’s responsibilities and accountabilities
(3) The relevant background, experience, academic and personal traits (required to be successful in the role).

By taking a committed and proactive approach to define your opportunity first — you will help your search for the “right” person and increase your chance of success in attracting that elusive “A” player.