The column executive briefing

Issue #XI

You’re to be commended should you be able to identify someone who is the best of the best and reach offer stage with that individual! It’s highly recommended that your decision making process be timely and seamless as you typically have a very small window of time to extend an offer and gain their acceptance.

Once you have landed that elusive “A” player, the next challenge is to keep them on your team. Treat special people in a special way. They make a positive impact on your company and they should be treated accordingly. As appropriate, acknowledge these members of your team for the contribution and difference they are making in the organization.

“When a proven executive decides to leave, it is rarely money that motivates a change. The top reasons usually center on a lack of communication, challenge, support or recognition from their boss.”

The “A” players that can successfully drive a business forward and achieve all corporate goals and revenue objectives are welcome in any organization. However, people with exceptional talent and abilities do not just fall out of the sky and land in front of your desk … at least, not every morning. When and “if” they do, it’s not a “given” that any will be persuaded to join or stay with your team if you’re not prepared.

We can all agree “there is no shortage of people,” however, there is a shortage of “high impact” players that can make a positive difference on either the top or bottom line of your company. As the economic picture continues to improve, the very best individuals will naturally be in high demand. Needless to say, these individuals (once identified) must be approached, evaluated or attracted in a different manner than most companies have been accustomed to. Remember:

  • It is not prudent to move fast with every person you identify; however, when you know you have one of the very best, you need the flexibility to move the discussions (expeditiously) to a deeper level of detail.
  • And a very close second when looking to attract and/or retain the best is to focus on communication, challenge, support and recognition—these will always be the strongest motivators when deciding whether to stay or go.
  • Finally, don’t kid yourself, if “YOU” don’t address these key areas … “YOUR” competition most certainly will.