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“Two words … quality delivered.”

“In a War for Talent you want these guys on your side.”

“Their approach is results oriented, detailed and thorough.”

“The most substantive retained executive search firm I’ve ever used.”

“The executives they evaluate and recommend fit the bill on all fronts.”

“We have all enjoyed working with RJM … their firm does excellent work.”

“I’m extremely pleased with the relationship … with the key word being relationship.”

“They conduct themselves with the highest integrity and have become a very trusted advisor.”

“RJM put fire on the target—presenting high quality candidates in a very tight timeframe.”

“Their approach to identifying and attracting executive talent is most impressive … and yes, it works.”

“Their firm brings a broad reach and impressive network of executive level contacts to actively recruit from.”

“I appreciate the outstanding professional expertise and rigorous approach brought to each assignment by your firm.”

“Under extremely difficult circumstances they found our “mission critical” president in the most professional and efficient manner possible.”

“They helped us maintain a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace by bringing culturally diverse professionals into our organization.”

“The key executive they helped land has produced results far exceeding our initial expectations and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

“The process to understand my organization’s needs and ability to tap into just the right talent pools far exceeded my expectations!”

“Clear communication and an agreed upon timetable of progress … I always knew exactly what they were doing and where they were headed.”

“Knowledgeable, insightful and very reliable — their process is detailed, efficient and thorough … and saved me a great deal of time.”

“They understand your needs and deliver quality results quickly with sensitivity to your time … each selective candidate provided will meet your requirements.”

“The candidate evaluation process was among the very best I have experienced and resulted in a narrowed list of highly qualified and interested candidates.”

“Besides taking the ball and running with it, and ultimately scoring a touchdown, they allowed me to remain focused on my corporation during the search.”

“I want to thank you for your tremendous work and result. I could not have filled this position as timely and as well without your support.”

“Their firm delivers talent and leadership that not only meet the requirements of the position, but are also well suited to fit the cultural aspects of the organization.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with RJM … they did a great job on bringing in the president to replace the outgoing Founder and CEO of a company we acquired.”

“At the onset of our relationship, they took the time to get to know our company, our culture and me. On all occasions I was presented with highly qualified candidates in a timely manner.”

“I was impressed by their research and evaluation capability. From the beginning, the process was deliberate and thorough — I was assisted immensely by their due diligence on potential key executives and board members.”

“RJM puts as much focus on quality candidates fitting the culture as to matching the job. They’ve successfully completed several difficult searches with remarkable results. To quote the PGA Tour commercial: “These guys are good!”

“Their process and approach allowed our company to acquire a unique blend of senior leadership talent that perfectly aligned with the values, behaviors and strengths we were looking to represent in our new corporate culture.”

“RJM has been key in finding talent for my organization. The talent they have found for my team has been top notch. The leaders that they brought forward are worthy of the roles they are in and quite promotable as well.”

“Why pay a firm or an individual the price of a BMW to recruit a key employee for my corporation when I could run a $500 ad and do it myself? But, then again, I’ve always had to learn things the hard way.”

“Thank you for your hard work and your positive attitude throughout this process. I have to say, at times, I was not very optimistic. But you did an excellent job of keeping me on-course and upbeat. I’m looking forward to onboarding our new Chief Financial Officer and GET MOVING!”

“This has been one of the smoothest and efficient recruiting processes that I have been involved in during my career. A large part of that is due to the RJM team – starting first with high quality candidates and ending with their help to close the deal. It was a pleasure to work with them.”

“Their firm ranks extremely high on a number of fronts. First, they spent a substantial amount of time and energy making sure they understood our company. This included understanding our culture, business strategy and desired results. This was evident by the extensive position description developed, which also highlighted the necessary candidate experience and leadership style we were seeking.”

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I cannot say enough about the experience of working with RJMINC. This includes the excellent, diverse and well-experienced candidates they brought our way, the careful consideration and thought put into each candidate they brought forward, and their promptness, professionalism, and care in every interaction. You will find RJMINC is Best in Class.”

“As a firm, their focus is on solving your specific business challenge by putting the “right” talent into the “right” slot within your organization. In this case, we’ve seen our business prosper and deliver a tangible ROI through expanded sales and increased revenues. This success is directly attributable to a candidate they helped us secure within three months of their start date with our firm – A timeframe that far exceeded expectations for the role RJM helped us fill!”

“RJM performed three high level searches for me—recruiting our COO, CFO and a person that ran one of our divisions. Their firm did a marvelous job, sourced some great candidates and did everything on time and on budget. One of the best things I liked about RJM is the service after the sale. Specifically, they provided an executive coach for about 90 days after the recruited candidate showed up for work to help that person acclimate to the new position and get a good start. Both the new person and I found that very helpful. The fact that we had zero turnover and good rapid starts in all three cases is testimony to a good hire and exceptional follow through.”


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