The column executive briefing

Issue #XVIII

“Why find out after the “Big Interview” what you should have been prepared to discuss; instead, know what the search committee is actually looking for as they evaluate you in consideration for making the short list.”

Having conducted executive search engagements for some of the top business organizations in the world, the following has helped many executives gain an edge when meeting with the search committee and make the short list of names in consideration for choice leadership roles in corporate America.

Step One – know who your audience is and plan accordingly or there will not be a 2nd meeting. You must be “up-to-speed” on the standing of their company, their competition and current market conditions. Research the company and review their website, annual reports and recent press releases to gain an understanding of the company’s leadership team, business model, organization and strategic goals. Determine the key responsibilities of the role and business objectives that must be accomplished — then outline the broad areas and steps on how you will address their specific business challenge or unique area of opportunity.