The column executive briefing

Issue #XV

“Regardless of level—everyone is rowing on somebody’s ship.
The more you lead the more you serve.”

When ships were wood and men were steel the best captains were experienced in charting a course to reach their destinations regardless of storms, reefs, rocks, shoals — and yes, pirates too! What is different now? Nothing! Some things never go out of style and hold true in both good and not so good times.

Step Four – Be prepared to describe a time when you navigated your team through a period of dynamic change by setting clear objectives and giving consistent feedback while leading by example.

Describe what motivates you and how you set the performance bar for yourself and your team.  How do you work with, and through people, to achieve results? How do you inspire people to rally around a cause and transfer a “can-do” attitude to your team? Describe a time when you simplified a complicated undertaking and broke it down into manageable parts and leveraged the combined efforts of the team for each piece. What was your approach to developing a “plan” — putting a “process” into place — “executing” the plan — and holding “people” accountable for their “results”?  When have you had to step in and make a tough, yet necessary, decision in order to move the business forward when direct reports were unwilling to act in a timely manner? Telling “war stories” of your past experiences are the best way to speak to these types of intangible skills and abilities.