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June 10, 2003

For Immediate Release:

Privacy Think Tank Forms Working Relationship with Executive Search Firm

DALLAS, Texas–June 10, 2003 – National, state and global privacy legislation organizations in all industries are now grappling with the growth of privacy employment opportunities. Randall James Monroe, Inc., a Dallas-based global executive search consultancy and Privacy & American Business (P&AB), a non-profit public policy think tank, have formed a working relationship in support of P-JOBs, P&AB’s online privacy opportunity job board. Together, they will aid financial services companies, dot.coms, direct marketing organizations, telecommunications companies, health and pharmaceuticals and HR departments to fill emerging privacy, policy, information security and other related positions.  

“We appreciate Randall James Monroe, Inc.’s support of our first ever privacy job board – P-JOBs, and we believe this relationship will benefit the privacy community – both potential employees and employers,” said Lorrie Sherwood, Executive Director, Privacy & American Business. “Given our visibility as a business privacy thought leader, our privacy officers programs, and our strong reputation as a forward moving privacy organization since 1992, P&AB represents the single most important privacy resource used by privacy professionals.  This, coupled with the reputation of Randall James Monroe, Inc. which represents some of the top business organizations in the world, enhances our first of its kind activity.”  

“P-JOBs doesn’t collect personal information,” Susan Kegler, P-JOBs’ Project Manager, said in light of recent concerns that those posting resumes online have become victims of identity theft. Currently, over 20,000 qualified job seekers, recruiters and business executives visit the site monthly since going online in September 2002.  

James Leverette, President of Randall James Monroe, Inc. said, “We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with P&AB / P-JOBs. Clearly, as privacy and information technology security are now front burner issues for corporate America, we want to provide assistance to those who have specific needs and help them meet their strategic hiring objectives.” 

Leverette continued, “Randall James Monroe, Inc.’s role will be to provide objective guidance, counsel and professional representation in the area of retained executive search — supported by our specialty search practice focused exclusively on privacy and information technology security. In consideration of the recent work we’ve done in this space and the global network of strategic contacts we’ve developed, we are well positioned to assist organizations looking to find and attract highly talented candidates on a worldwide basis.”

For more information on P-JOBs, visit or contact Susan Kegler at or (201) 996-1154.

About Privacy Job Opportunity Boards (P-JOBs)
In 2002, P&AB successfully launched the first national online privacy and privacy-related job employment website at Now, corporations, federal and state governments and other privacy-conscious organizations in the U.S. and abroad may target their search for privacy officers and advertise other privacy-related job openings to reach qualified candidates. P&AB is currently accepting privacy job postings and will also be advising P&AB Members of these positions through a special P&AB Member Email Alert before being posted on P-JOBs. P-JOBs doesn’t post resumes, but only posts privacy and privacy-related positions.

P-JOBs is charging a nominal fee of $250 per posting and 60 days of exposure for all three P-JOBs categories. P-JOBs advertises entry-level, mid and high level positions relating to privacy including HIPAA administration, HR administration, database management, legal counsel, marketing, corporate communications, new product development and information security; P-JOBs Plus is used to reach high level privacy executives or Chief Privacy Officers who are responsible for overseeing privacy for an entire organization, across industries; P-Temps assists companies seeking temporary staff for special projects and as consultants.

Recruiters, staffing companies, and other executive search firms may advertise their services at a reduced rate, and P&AB Member organizations receive a 15% discount to post their own privacy-related employment opportunities or to advertise job placement services. Visit for details on how you can become a P&AB Member. For more information on P-JOBs, contact Susan Kegler at (201) 996-1154 or

About Randall James Monroe, Inc.
Randall James Monroe, Inc., ( is an international, U.S. based retained executive search consultancy featuring a specialty practice focused in the areas of privacy and information technology security. Organizations interested in confidentially discussing an alternative option to address their strategic hiring needs should contact Jim Leverette at (972) 392-3200 or

About Privacy & American Business
Privacy & American Business, (, &, is an activity of the Center for Social & Legal Research headed by Dr. Alan Westin. P&AB a non-profit, non-partisan public policy think tank exploring U.S. and global issues of consumer and employee privacy and data protection since its launch in 1993.

Always on the cutting edge, P&AB was the first to chart and analyze for business the rise of privacy from a second-tier concern to a front-burner issue and to provide opportunities in programs and meetings to assist businesses in understanding the privacy environment as it is evolving. P&AB, a pioneer in recognizing the rise of the corporate privacy officer (CPO), was the first to open its CPO Program in 1999.

The Center and all its activities are led by Dr. Alan Westin, President and Publisher of P&AB; Robert Belair, Partner at Oldaker, Biden & Belair and P&AB’s Vice President; and Lorrie Sherwood, P&AB’s Executive Director.

For media questions, please contact Irene Oujo at (201) 996-1154 or