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To ensure a comprehensive review of potential sources, we will develop an extensive target list of companies in the broad industry sectors relevant to each specific search engagement undertaken. Within these selected industry sectors there will be particular emphasis placed on those companies currently employing candidates with the background and business experience the client may be interested in acquiring.

In addition, we will conduct an in-house proprietary database interrogation to cross-reference our extensive network of past contacts developed through previous related search work.

From these combined efforts of targeting (developing original research) and cross-referencing (database interrogation), the research arm of our organization will compile a highly detailed sourcing/networking list of companies and individuals. The target list will then be used to identify and approach prospective candidates whose background and business experience meet and/or exceeds the requirements detailed within the executive search specification.

Once identified, these individuals will then be taken through our rigorous due diligence process to determine their viability as potential short-list candidates.

Finally, as a part of the process, we will review and calibrate with the client to provide updates on the progress of the search, potential candidates identified, as well as market reaction and/or possible issues that may impact the progress of the search.

To ensure success it's important that the first 4 steps be completed



The retained executive search process involves a number of distinct components:
    1. Research
    2. Sourcing
    3. Screening
    4. Interviewing (consultant evaluation and assessment)
    5. Presentation (client consideration)
    6. Closure (compensation offer, negotiation, acceptance)
    7. Follow-up (candidate/client integration)
To ensure success, it is important that each of the first four steps be completed, as this assures that the most qualified candidates are available for the final steps.

Research begins immediately upon receiving a search assignment, with the target of presenting a slate of qualified candidates for client review in six to eight weeks. If the client desires, candidates may be presented as they are located and qualified. The largest time variable in a search is the actual client and candidate interview process.

Search Milestones (figures in days)

Search milestones in days