The column executive briefing

Issue #VI

We have all heard the Real Estate mantra “Location-Location-Location.” Interestingly enough, the executive search profession has a similar maxim of …


Whether you’re looking to retain a firm to conduct your search for that top performer or attempt to conduct your own search, we have learned through experience there are several components that go into the completion of a successful search assignment. The key ingredient in “search” is … “research.”

“A successful search engagement is the result of a quality research effort that provided a solid list of target companies and knowledgeable industry sources to reference”

Each executive search assignment begins by first conducting a considerable amount of basic research on companies likely to have qualified candidates for the position you are searching to fill … hence the designation “executive search.”

Depending on the assignment, there are multiple tools and resource directories that may be used to both manually cross-reference and electronically search. This also includes multiple “business related” periodicals researched to identify the movement of fast-tracking executives.

The goal when conducting research is to logically divide and systematically narrow companies, products and/or services into a comprehensive listing relevant to your search. This tailored approach brings methodology to the research and search process assuring a predictable outcome of success to your hunt. These combined efforts can be supplemented (and often are) by using various proprietary resources, followed by the Internet to data mine company profiles using other search engines to identify websites relevant to completing your search.

In the final analysis, its science, technology and rigor applied that determines a favorable conclusion when it comes to executive search. The successful completion to your search should begin with a strong foundation of research!

“There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going.” Anonymous